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Esther Perbandt

Shop Genderless Avant-garde Designer Esther Perbandt at Erebus

Esther Perbandt was born and raised in Berlin, got toughened in Moscow and polished in Paris. She completed a European Master’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design in the French capital as well as a post-graduate study at the IFM – Institut Francais de la Mode. After this intensive period of study, Esther worked in the design team at Chacok in the South of France. With a wealth of experience under her belt, she returned to Berlin at the beginning of 2004 to found her own eponymous fashion label, Esther Perbandt.


With her special look, her Berlin sassy slang and her constantly wilful style, Esther Perbandt is nothing if not distinctive. As seasons change in fashion, the designer stays true to her personal style and lives up to it with all the trimmings, so that her persona could have originated from her own look book: an androgynous silhouette is blurred with deconstructed details and put together again with the backing of classical menswear. Sober colours form the quiet basis for the gruelling interplay of elegance and athleticism. Her creations stay so heartily and authentic, just like you imagine a real Berlin capital gal. Brainpower meets someone with feet on the ground. Esther Perbandt surprises with androgyne silhouettes without ignoring sexiness. Unexpected tailoring in combination with interesting fabrics ensures her fans a strong appearance. Created for personalities, irrespective the gender.



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