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Things I Miss

Shop Emerging Sustainable Slow Fashion Brand Things I Miss at Erebus

Things I Miss is an instinctive world of bodies and forms. The rawness of life and narration. A strong vision. Passion. A meaningful journey with an awareness of causes and consequences. Design with a great deal of patience. It’s not just the ultimate creation or project. It’s a journey, an awareness-raising mission that, at the same time, offers uncompromising style and wildness as well as sensuality and passion. Clothing is our second skin. Bags are our movable storage. Our style is as raw and primal as life itself. Forms and high quality sustainable materials offer a multitude of styles transcending seasons, moods and occasions. Combine pieces and materials, create layers, play with ways of wearing them, turn them around, upside down and always dry and store them rolled in a cocoon or bound as tightly as possible to keep their wild structured form. When you step into the Things I Miss story, you become a part of an evolved tribe that stands for extraordinary style with conscious participation in life and against damaging people, plants, animals and our beautiful planet.



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