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Shop Emerging Avant-garde Non-gender Brand Vague at Erebus

NON-GENDER. NON-TREND. NON-ISSUE. The choice of non-gender design has never stemmed from a perception that does not recognize gender. The wearer is, of course, important and the gender must be relevant and is existing. 

NOT MONOTONY. MONOCHROMACY. Black is not a colorless color, but one in which subtleties increase and take on a more critical meaning. However, only when beginning to delve deeper into it, it opens up as infinite and challenging. Granted, it is not a bright or a flashy color, but it "forces" the artist to play on small nuances, complex details, and many subtleties to differentiate the items. Sometimes, it feels almost like painting with white color on a white canvas: the designing weight begins to tilt toward the multidimensional, and cuts, textures and various materials become very meaningful. In fact, this is a painting in black, on black canvas. 



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