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Nomad Goba

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*Due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government, all sales of Nomad Goba have been suspended until further notice. Not all Russians are Putin and Putin does not speak for all Russians.*

Nomad Goba is a project of intuitive design.

Comprehension of the male costume, as a space known to be limited, creates the necessary pleasant resistance.The form stratifies itself, seeks itself, repeatedly colliding with convention, working out the dynamics of emancipation. It is necessary to subtly grasp the essence of natural decomposition, as a way to transformation.

This search, reinforced by intuition, feeling.
Rotting is elegant – it is attentive to all tissues, it successively splits structures, creating gaps between voids and fragility in the intervals.
Mutual rejection of matter creates a perfect plasticity of decay. In it there is no tension it is malleable. Everything in it is liberation. The structure that is in decline is nutritious. She is the only nurse of the future.
Obviously, in the restlessness there is a metamorphosis without starting and ending states. The object, saturated with potency, flows into action – it is the involved and the very involvement, not knowing the full outcome of the action.

Each product is created manually using natural fabrics. Collections are produced in limited editions. The cut combines Japanese and English traditions.



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