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About Us

Erebus is an online store selling fashion and accessories from the darkest emerging fashion designers.

Fashion should be “a kind of love romance: you meet some fantastic clothing by chance, and you fall in love and you live this piece of clothing. You don’t waste clothing but live with it. Please, don’t waste clothing!” Yohji Yamamoto

Having spent years in the traditional fashion retail world, I’ve embarked on a journey to spark that love interest with your clothes described by visionary Yohji Yamamoto. Designing clothes that follow the trends is easy, telling an authentic story and building your own fashion label takes heart, courage and a lot of savvy. And that’s where I come in…

I started Erebus as a blog to go bring attention to some of the most interesting and innovative new fashion designers out there. Not only do I get to show you some of my favourite new designers, I get to take you behind the seams to show you what it takes, the good bad and ugly, to build a fashion brand.

Since the launch of the blog, I have now expanded to offer these designers a platform through which they can get their designs into your closets. You are unique, your clothes should be too. By supporting independent fashion designers, you are not only helping them live their dreams, you are buying something that sets you apart from the crowd.

As we grow, I will constantly look for new ways to nurture and support emerging fashion designers to build their brands.

Erebus is also part of the slow-fashion movement. Every year, the fast fashion phenomenon has led to tonnes of fabric ending up in our landfills depleting natural resources and causing damage to our environment. We want people to buy less, buy better quality and thus buy independent. Showcasing emerging fashion designers with a different perspective on the world of fashion can help one develop his or her own fashion identity separate and away from run-of-the-mill high street labels.

Come along with me on this journey and tell me what #inspiredfashion means to you.

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