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Oxana Cowen

Sustainable Leather Wear Designer Oxana Cowen at Erebus

OXANA COWEN was founded in England, in 2017 by the Russian artist Oksana Sidorenko who is based in London. She grew up surrounded by incredible nature of Kamchatka and ECCENTRIC people. She found her direction through learning about the psychology of dance, acting and costume making. Inspired by BEAUTIFUL women and their GRACIOUS movements she was taken on a journey of the dynamic expression of oneself.

The idea for women leather wear OXANA COWEN is to empower women, to emphasise the beauty of their body, to make them feel strong, confident and free. Our belief is the importance of remaining oneself, therefore not being led by fashion trends. THE MOVEMENT OF THE BODY is our inspiration, THE POWER OF WILDNESS is our provocation, THE ZONE OF DOMINATION is our imagination.

We use finest leather materials and respect the environment using skins of fish and animals. Our garments are beautifully handcrafted in Tuscany.



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