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Studio Karro

Shop Emerging Womenswear Brand Comes in Black by Studio Karro at Erebus

STUDIO KARRO and COMES IN BLACK are known for their wearable all-black avant-garde clothing. Our designs stand out by featuring asymmetric cuts and bespoke detailing to truly embrace the quality craftsmanship of sustainable fashion. Black fabrics are used as the blank canvas for the designs as black resonates with the mood and aesthetic of our brands. Wearing all-black outfits is a lifestyle on its own and we invite you to discover the depths of wearable avant-garde fashion – the style that lasts through decades.

One Brand Two Labels:

Studio Karro is a multiple international awards winner independent designer brand founded by Caroline Karro and Leo Sun with the vision to challenge traditional fashion silhouettes focusing on the craftsmanship of tailoring. Studio Karro offers made-to-order, timeless runway garments which we tailor in our design studio in England.

Comes In Black is an accessory clothing label representing everything that Studio Karro stands for, but it is exclusively designed for an avant-garde style enthusiasts looking to enhance their daily wear. Comes In Black features parts and pieces of clothing that can be used to create layering looks and will convert any outfit to a statement attire.



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