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Venia Collection

Shop Genderless Conscious Conceptual Brand Venia Collection at Erebus

Made in LA. Inspired by stories.

VENIA Ancient Latin for the English word Grace. Noun; elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.

Los Angeles based design duo Eni and Nigma created VENIA, a multi-platform fashion label dedicated to pursuing grace through the science of dress. Drawing inspiration from architecture and engineering, the duo designs in the form of seasonal stories imprinted with deeply personal impressions about society and postmodern phenomena.

Modern technological luxury, effortless elegance, and intentional utility are three fundamental principles the brand is committed to portraying. Ethically made in the United States, all pieces are engineered and cut specifically to suit our wearer’s individual physical intricacies.

Our mission is to tell stories of the present, crafting each collection as the zeitgeist.



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