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10SEI0OTTO (pronounced DIECISEIZEROTTO)is an emerging fashion label for men and women from Italy which focuses on and creates outfits around their amazing leatherwork. Paolo Barelli and Tiziano Rillo are the masterminds behind the brand, the former being an absolute expert in the leather industry, the second a creative and passionate designer particularly cut for leather outfits. 10SEI0OTTO showed their first collection for Spring Summer 2011 and are now showcasing their Spring Summer 2016 collection in Paris and Milan. 

They describe their aesthetic as as elegant and informal, avant-garde primitivism, "the infinite pursuit of primary values." Their approach embodies what we all know as "Made in Italy" with a focus on quality and craftsmanship coupled with innovative approaches to conventional materials, such as metal treatments on leather. Their amazing craftsmanship, while evident in their leather outerwear and impeccable knitwear, extends from apparel for both men and women to shoes and handbags as well; this is one emerging brand which truly creates entire outfits for their audience. In their words about their ideal customer "we want to dress people who are not afraid to change always and to do experiment with our clothes." While they are in some shops throughout Europe including their home country Italy, they seem to have a strong following in Asia, particularly Japan.  Here are some shots from their Autumn Winter 2015 collection.


You can see more from 10SEI0OTTO on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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