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DZHUS I Stand With Ukraine

It’s easy to think of war as something in the distant past or at least on the other side of the world. If you can’t see it, it isn’t happening. 

That’s never been the case and unfortunately it’s even physically closer to home than any time in my living memory. We’ve all seen the images on the news; I have heard first-hand accounts of families fleeing across the border to Poland, sheltering overnight in car parks with pets and children to evade bombing of residential areas. Children who may never see their fathers again, families that may never be whole again. I fear that anyone thinking this is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken. No matter what “some” might say, these are not drug dealers and neo-nazis, these are human being living their lives in their own country. 

Marginalised communities are often, if not the target of the violence, an afterthought when it comes to aid. We’re a pacifist organisation, but we’re also realistic. There are calls throughout the world to supply assistance and financial support for the Ukrainian army, we’re taking a slightly different approach. We would ask that if you have anything to give, consider supporting OutRight Action International, an organisation promoting for rights and fighting against persecution of the LGBTIQ community. This drive specifically is working to find support, shelter and security for those impacted by the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Erebus will donate a portion of all sales until further notice to the Ukraine support drive at OutRight Action International. If you have other ways you are supporting our friends and family in Ukraine, we’d love to hear it (let us know in the comments). 

Our hearts are with our friends in Ukraine and anyone else impacted by this horrific ongoing tragedy. 


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