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Our 2020 Black Friday [Weekend]

Our 2020 Black Friday [Weekend] Plans

As you know by now, we like to do things differently. Tis the season where most shops are slashing prices to convince you to buy something you probably don't need. This year, especially this year, it would be amazing if you decided to do something different as well. This global pandemic has decimated small businesses and small charities. We don't do discounts because we don't want you to buy something to gather dust in your closet.

Every year, we partner with a different charity and make a donation instead of a discount. If you love it, you're going to buy it and every holiday season, we want to pay it forward. 

This year, we took inspiration from one of our latest designers, Sandro Marzo. He regularly partners with the charity ekwal, a Switzerland based charity that supports environmental sustainability and education in Kwale, Kenya. Focusing on the educational factor, they are ensuring that future generations take pride in and responsibility for our shared planet while enabling their responsible economic growth. We will be donating a portion of our sales from now through Monday to support this amazing cause.

Small shops, small designers and small charities need your help more than ever this year. CEO's of the big box retailers are going to be just fine in the next year, but the brands with which we work are going to have a much harder time. This year, we would humbly ask that you consider giving back to those more in need and show your support for our one community of humankind.

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