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Street Style: London Fashion Week SS16

Fashion Fashion Week

Street Style: London Fashion Week SS16

Anyone who has any interest in fashion would be lying if they said that getting inside the shows wasn't on their bucket list! We weren't in any of the big shows this year during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 (after all, we focus on up and coming designers who don't have that kind of cash) but we did stalk around the streets outside to see what all of the fashionistas were wearing while trying to catch a glimpse of the celebs coming and going from the shows. Brewer Street Car Park, usually a creative hub playing home to a public programme of audio-visual shows, events and installations, is being taken over to host some of the world's most renowned fashion labels. We loved to see so many people outside the shows, taking part in Fashion Week in their own ways. You could also sit in Golden Square and watch what was happening inside the Car Park being live streamed on the big screen. Besides the overwhelming presence of black umbrellas (it is London after all, who would we be without the rain), the majority of what we saw was pretty run of the mill. There was a lot of black outfits, oversized lightweight blazers, leather biker jackets (they are a staple after all) and skinny jeans, the more interesting looks we found fell into 3 categories:

1. Soft and Feminine

Street Style: London Fashion Week SS16 soft and feminine

These were some of the looks we though stood out from the crowd. The all-white look was well considered and we loved the jacket with silver pieces floating from the sheer white fabric. The girl in the purple layered dress was also getting quite a bit of attention; we love the flowing layers of gemstone purple and black chiffon. She definitely wasn't afraid of the rain!

2. Androgyny

Street Style: London Fashion Week SS16 androgyny

Are they boys, are they girls, do we care! Here were some of the best shots where we found typically gender specific silhouettes crossing normative boundaries. We particularly loved the wide-stripe, wide-leg trousers and the tie detail on the cream top. We also loved the juxtaposition of the ultra-feminine woman with her suited friend. And while velour pinafore dresses aren't quite our thing, this guy definitely owned it.

3. Fur (faux/real)

Street Style: London Fashion Week SS16 fur

I guess you can't blame them, with the weather turning decidedly Autumn for the weekend, but we did think it a bit odd to see so much fur on the streets this week. We did love that the fur went anywhere from a basic black, taking a brighter turn then continuing on with some more ornate patterns.

You can see that some of the trends overlap and these were by no means the only trends we saw, they were simply the more interesting to look at. Did you get the chance to partake in London Fashion Week? Share your shots on our Facebook page or Tweet them to us.

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