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Preview: Paris Fashion Week AW16

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Erebus Paris Fashion Week Preview

In a first for us, we will be out in Paris during Paris Fashion Week exploring the amazing collections our emerging designers will be showcasing. And our dance card is getting pretty full, but we're sure there's still more to add! Here's what's on the agenda so far.

Cube Showroom

Paris Fashion Week AW16 Gall Cube Showroom

Cube is a new showroom from the curators of No. 10 Showroom after years of success. Gall is one of the designers we are very much looking forward to seeing in our first stop during Paris Fashion Week. They were also one of our top brands to look out for during the menswear presentations in January. This year, in support of the emerging power of Eastern European fashion brands, there will even be a Georgian corner.

No. 10 Showroom

Brandmair No. 10 Showroom Paris Fashion Week Erebus

No. 10 Showroom has been one we've kept our eyes on when we are looking for what's next in the fashion world. This year, they are showing an impressive group, including Brandmair; you can see a shot from their previous Autumn Winter collection above.


Yvan Andreu ZipZone Paris showroom Erebus

We very recently heard of ZipZone and thought it was a must-see on our Paris agenda. They are showcasing some great emerging fashion labels such as Yvan Andreu, pictured above.

Void Showroom

Void Showroom Alexandra Groover Paris Fashion Week Erebus

Void Showroom is one of our absolute favourites. Every season, they are among the top showrooms we have been itching to visit and are so excited to be able to make it this year! This season, Alexandra Groover (pictured above) and Carolin Holzhuber are among the talents we'll be able to explore.


Leon Louis Tranoi Palais de la Bourse Paris Fashion Week Erebus

Tranoi is one of THE premier fashion trade shows in the world. This year, Tranoi is spread across the city over three different venues, Palais de la Bourse, Carrousel du Louvre and Cité de la Mode et du Design. There are too many brands we are excited to see to list here, but if you keep up with The Journal, you'll know that Leon Louis is one of our absolute favourites and he'll be showcasing at Palais de la Bourse.

Ozone Showroom

Bandits by Sarah Tari Ozone Showroom Paris Fashion Week Erebus

We have been a big fan of Ozone Showroom since they first reached out to us to promote some of their designers, and this season is no exception. There are so very many designers we are looking forward to seeing at Ozone, and not least Raven and Bandits by Sarah Tari.


Minoar Subsequi Showroom Paris Fashion Week Erebus

Subsequi is a new one this season. On the back of the success of Void showroom, they have launched a showroom to focus on artistic AND sustainable fashion brands. Another one of our absolute favourites that fit this category is Minoar, and we will get the chance to visit them and see what's in store for Autumn Winter 2016 at Subsequi.

Peter Non

Peter Non Paris Fashion Week Erebus

On our final day in Paris, we'll get to visit Peter Non and check out their Sub-Abstract collection for Autumn Winter 2016.

This is just a taste of what we've got in store next week, so keep an eye out for more detail as we bring you some amazing fashion from our best and brightest emerging designers!

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