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07A Edition #02

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07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus


We loved traveling through the showrooms in Paris mainly because we got to see so many amazing, innovative designers. One of the most innovative labels we came across was 07A, the emerging German brand. We went down to the crypt-like basement of Ozone Showroom where we saw what initially looked to be simple black rectangles hanging from a rail. That was until Sinisa started to show us the shots from the look book as he explained the concept of the brand.

07A is a clothing and design concept based on geometric shapes. When fully laid out, each 07A piece is completely flat and forms a circle, triangle, rectangle or square. This methodical approach explores the contrast between geometry and the human body as well as the contrast of surface to volume. The process of turning 2D designs into 3D clothes is a key aspect in the work of 07A as well as the aspect of limitation as a tool. True creativity shines through when you limit your concept to working with a single shape.

All products are developed in a conceptual environment in which graphical forms and structures are used abstractly - initially in absence of the body. A moment of surprise occurs when the structure meets the body and interacts with it. The piece first needs to be discovered and read anew before it can be identified as a garment. For example, what we thought was a curtain turned out to be a striking cape. 

07A pieces are systematically developed, piece by piece, in a continuous conceptual process using unconventional pattern cutting methods and techniques.

Edition #02 guides the body through the pieces like a kind of map by the usage of minimal interventions. The pieces have been developed "flat in section“ where you first have to unfold the piece before being able to wear it. The unfolding of the garment turns, for instance, a rectangle or triangle into a square.

As we discussed in earlier posts, one main theme which resonated throughout Paris Fashion Week was transformation. Many of the 07A pieces are not one simple garment cut from a simple shape; many of them can be worn several ways, each creating a new look from one single garment.

As an essential part of 07A, the pieces have seamless and hemless edges and are assembled, solely with tape bonding, ultrasonic welding and laser techniques. The lack of seams and the use of these techniques is intended to allow for the flatness of the pieces and the concentration on construction and plane geometry.

The conceptual approach of 07A is a state of mind. Apparently simple, yet refined, highly elaborate and wearable garments emerge.

07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus07A Autumn Winter 2016 Erebus
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