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Nombre De Identification

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NDI Jacket AW15 Out of Season 1508

Nombre De Identification is an avant-garde fashion label based in the Ukraine. It’s founders Ira Butlerksa and Brenovan Anrij launched the first publicly available collection “Out of Season” for the Autumn/Winter 2015 season.

Androgyny at its finest, Nombre De Identification’s “Out of Season” collection is a dark mix of men in dresses with jackets that can be worn by anyone. The main fabric in the collection is cotton that has gone through several processes then painted by hand and covered in liquid rubber. The effect is almost the appearance of wearing concrete shaped into symmetric cuts and great seam details. This collection is how casual wear can be well-thought-out. The pieces from this collection buck the notion that apparel is seasonal.

While the t-shirt #1505 is one of our favourite pieces due to the long-line body and interesting diagonal seam detail, the jackets from Nombre De Identification are definitely their strong suit. Jacket #1506 has a backpack that is attached to the back of the jacket with a zipper. The asymmetric detail and zipper theme is continued in jacket #1507 which has a zipper up through the spine of the piece. Jacket #1508 is another personal favourite with the shoulder slits and black back panel detail.

NDI Out of Season AW15 T 1505

NDI Out of Season AW15 Jacket 1506

NDI Out of Season AW15 Jacket 1507

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