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Irina Dzhus launched her conceptual womenswear brand DZHUS in 2010 after graduating from The Kiev National University of Technologies and Design in the Ukraine and showcased the first collection "Technogenesis" for Autumn Winter 2012. This first collection used conventional fabrics juxtaposed with industrial materials and, as with all of her collections to date, takes inspiration from architecture which amplifies the strength of the wearer. The use of monochrome colour palettes and strong geometric shapes are signatures of the DZHUS brand aesthetic. Another main point of difference with DZHUS is that the brand is vegetarian friendly and all textiles used are violence-free. For Autumn Winter 2013, DZHUS brought us "Overground" which brought perhaps a bit more colour and texture to the garment while maintaining the structural, geometric and architectural qualities of the first collection. While the collection "Archetype" for Spring Summer 2014 shows all of the main signatures of DZHUS, there is the addition of inspiration from Orthodox Christian iconography.


The latest collection "Totalitarium" for Autumn Winter 2015 carries the strength of the previous collections. With a greyscale colour palette, the garments have the same use of solid shapes with impressive details, such as exposed zippers and pleats, to aid each piece in showcasing the best in it's wearer. While the collection is very utilitarian in inspiration it also has the possibility of being extremely commercially successful. The press release from Irina regarding her latest collection says it all perfectly: "Each piece carries a distinctive ideological message. DZHUS’ collections are inspired by things at the edge of perception: from spiritual strongholds to abandoned industrial zones."  In addition to the mainline collections, there is also a DZHUS x Love's swimwear collaboration for Resort 2015 which follows the brand's signature aesthetic.



You can see more from the brand on their Facebook page.

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