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Hogan McLaughlin

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Hogan McLaughlin

Hogan McLaughlin Daphne Guinness FITHogan McLaughlin is an emerging American fashion designer who had already had an impressive amount of notoriety. He got a wonderful break into the industry by making the acquaintance of one of the fashion world's most notable muses Daphne Guinness while in New York which led to his designs showing up in Barney's New York windows. Hogan McLaughlin also had the honour of dressing Daphne Guinness for the launch of her exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He then went on to design outfits for promotional images for Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" ball. He then launched his first full collection in September 2011. These collaborations gained him the attention of some of the highest-profile publications in the fashion industry.

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This year, Hogan has been working on his latest collection which has some gothic overtones, and if his Instagram account is any indication, takes some inspiration from strong Gothic architecture. The designs are predominately black and have all of our favourite signature design elements: asymmetry, strong shape and a challenge to conventional gender norms. His designs and aesthetic bring to mind, and stand strongly next to, the likes of Gareth Pugh. As it stands, this current collection is completely bespoke, where all pieces are produced on a made-to-order basis.

Hogan McLaughlinHogan McLaughlinHogan McLaughlinHogan McLaughlin


You can see more from Hogan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as his own Wikipedia entry.

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