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Italian emerging fashion brand Blon.D is a beautiful mix of artistry and wearable fashion and Giuliana Corona is the artist behind the label. For this season Silhouette, Blon.D has three collections: Limited Edition, After Dark and Daylight. The Daylight collection, as the name would suggest, is comprised of more casual, daywear pieces. There is a mix of fitted jersey dresses, leggings with coordinating tops and oversized T dresses which one could easily see walking down the high street. The After Dark collection, again no surprise by the name, is Blon.D's take on "g0ing out" attire. The shapes are similar to the Daylight collection but there is a lot more shine and sheer to the After Dark collection. And then there is our favourite, the Limited Edition collection. Here is where you get to see the true artistic ability of Giuliana. There is a lot more risk, and a lot more skin, in the sculptural pieces of the Limited Edition. You can also see how she plays around with shape and asymmetry in this collection; every article in this collection is truly a work of art. We also stand firmly behind the idea of slowing down and bringing the artistry back to fashion and it seems we have another ally in Blon.D who said in an interview with Not Just A Label that "I think every piece should be considered unique and not simply disposable." One of our inspirations for the future of fashion is Latvian "bionic pop star" Viktoria Modesta, which seems like something else we have in common with Blon.D. Here are some of our favourite looks from the three Silhouette collections.


See more from Blon.D on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as her video presentation of the Silhouette collection on YouTube.

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