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Klekko is an emerging fashion brand from Germany. The founders, Julia Łoś and Joanna Krawczyk, both started their brand after having received degrees in architecture in Poland. They say that designing clothes is like designing a building, both are shelter for the human body. It appears they are continuing to give back to their native country by producing all of their garments in Poland. The signatures of the collection are the colour black and geometric shapes, producing an eye-catching mix of avant garde with streetwear and light fabrics with strong silhouettes. The collections are developed drawing from the designers’ emotions and stories which are translated into lines. Maintaining an (almost) all black colour palette for the collections allows them to focus on the textures and details. Another signature of the brand aesthetic is androgyny; no piece has what society would coin any particular gender and Klekko tends to use somewhat androgynous models both in their lookbooks and in their runway shows, as you can see in their "Underline" show at Fashionclash Maastricht for Autumn Winter 2015.

Klekko Follow the Line SS14Klekko AW14Klekko Fashionclash AW15

You can see more from them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

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