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Leon Emanuel Blanck

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Leon Emanuel Blanck

Leon Emanuel Blanck is an emerging German fashion designer focusing on menswear. After launching his label Noelleon in 2010 while in the first year of his studies (then subsequently seemingly abandoning in 2013), Leon seems to now be focusing his energies on his darker and more progressive namesake label. His latest collection for Autumn Winter 2015 is a continuation of his "Anfractuous Distortion" project, which he describes the creation as "ignoring regular pattern making methods. While developing this collection, Leon solely used larger pieces of fabric and formed them directly on the human body. During the forming process, normal seams were completely ignored - this resulted in atypical silhouettes that showcase extremely unique and complicated patterns." The resulting collection is a futuristic and almost menacing aesthetic and one where the wearer becomes one with the garment. As all pieces are handmade, the use of traditional patterns and seams are thrown out the window. Leon works mainly with heavier fabrics, such as leather (namely, wild boar leather) and wool, and has created a technique he coins Rigor (yes, like rigor mortis) which has a stiffening effect once applied to the fabric. Asymmetric zippers and seams as well as raw edges and the evidence of leather having life, such as the instances where he leaves the bullet holes visible in the jackets, are other signatures of Leon Emanuel Blanck's dystopian future meets raw natural look. Below are some of our favourite looks from his Autumn Winter 2015 collection, which you can find on his Facebook page.

Leon Emanuel BlanckLeon Emanuel BlanckLeon Emanuel Blanck

You can see more from Leon Emanuel Blanck on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

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