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Robert Wun

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Robert Wun

After graduating from London College of Fashion in 2012, Robert Wun started on his journey to launch his eponymous label the following June for Autumn Winter 2013. One recurring theme throughout all of his collections is volume, movement, freedom; Autumn Winter 2013's "Burnt" collection is where this is perfectly illustrated through voluminous skirts, dresses, tops and even horned shoes. His next collection for Spring Summer 2014, "Eden", brings a more artistic, sculptural appeal. While the shapes are consistent, for the most part, with Robert's previous collection, he takes more risk and plays more with texture in this collection. While Wun uses mainly a black, white and grey colour palette, his Autumn Winter collection "Volt" brings out a vibrant red into the mix. This collection evolves his use of texture in his garments, with one top looking almost like a time-lapse photograph over a busy intersection. For "Pelt" for Spring Summer 2015, Robert almost simplifies the textures of the garments through the use of prints, though this isn't to say the texture is completely gone as the fringe dresses are magnificent.

The latest collection is the "Aura" collection for Autumn Winter 2015. This collection takes us back to the roots of the label with more simple (or as simple as you could expect) shapes and a mainly monochrome palette with hints of rainbow ombre. This is one of the few emerging fashion labels that truly outfits the entire woman down to the shoes. And while his outfits are not widely available yet, watch this space as we can see his label spreading across the globe.

Robert WunRobert WunRobert WunRobert WunRobert Wun

Check out more from Robert Wun on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Vimeo.

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