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In 2009, after spending time learning the ropes from notable names in the fashion industry, Keita Ogawa set out on his own to develop his own fashion label Incarnation. While originating from Japan, Incarnation is now located in what can be argued is the luxury leather capital of the world, Florence, Italy. The label started mainly with leather outerwear pieces and has since added shoes, bags, accessories and is complemented by some non-leather apparel pieces. They've even branched off from working with just leather to add wool blend outerwear pieces to the collection. The style can be described as classic with a modern twist with some notable "biker" elements. Several of the pieces in the collection are also produced in sizes for both men and women. Incarnation also uses a variety of leathers throughout the collections, including calf, buffalo and horse. They also work with one of the better known tanneries in the world, Guidi. And while Incarnation is not yet a household name, you can find them in several shops throughout Japan as well as some specialty boutiques around the world and some notable online stores. They are also fortunate enough to hold exhibitions during Paris and Tokyo fashion weeks. Here are some of our favourite pieces from previous collections.


You can find out more about Incarnation by checking them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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