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Paris: Ones to Watch

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Paris: Ones to Watch

Continuing on from our Milan: Ones to Watch post, we are now bringing you the emerging fashion labels from Paris as Fashion Week travels that way. Paris has historically been world renowned for their amazing couturiers and we believe that this lot are the next generation of greatness.

1. Boris Bresil

Paris: Ones to Watch Boris Bresil

Boris Bresil's artistic designs evoke thoughts of our natural world; hard, earthly shapes juxtaposed with soft, slowing fabrics.

2. Saint Etienne

Paris: Ones to Watch Saint Etienne

This dress from the Lines & Burst of Pangea collection is our favourite. Saint Etienne in this collection shows why true, seemingly efortless couture still reigns supreme in Paris.

3. Timothé Grand-Chavin

Paris: Ones to Watch Timothe Grand-Chavin

Timothé Grand-Chavin has an amazing way with prints. What we love about this dress, and the collection overall, is how the femininity of the chiffon is only highlighted by the structured accents.

4. Martinez Lierah

Paris: Ones to Watch Martinez Lierah

This is elegant simplicity at its finest. This piece from the Season 4 collection symbolises the way Martinez has perfected structured fluidity.

5. Bianca Popp

Paris: Ones to Watch Bianca Popp

Similar in some ways to Martinez Lierah, Bianca Popp uses a very muted colour palette, mainly black, to keep the focus on the effortless yet elegant shapes of the more avant garde garments.

Make sure to click the names of the brands to explore each in more detail.

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