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Behind The Seams: Aumorfia

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Behind The Seams: Aumorfia Erebus Pop Up Designers

I have been in love with the work of emerging leather accessory brand Aumorfia ever since I accidentally stumbled across the brand in a pop up shop in Shoreditch. That is why it is such a pleasure to have a selection of these amazing pieces on display at our first pop up shop. Now, you can hear a little bit from Theano Potamianou, the designer behind Aumorfia, about her craft.

Erebus: Why have you chosen to work almost exclusively in leather?

Theano: Actually, I love the texture, the smell, the feeling of leather and the numerous ways it offers to work with. At first, it was a personal need to wear accessories made of a material that could be sporty or luxury, goth or contemporary at the same time, depending on the way you choose to treat it. Leather is a basic canvas which can adopt a great range of other materials and take various forms and styles.

Also, it was a challenge for me to present leather accessories in a total different way than the norm. Meaning, the usual S&M style of accessories featuring metal buckles and rivets, elements that give a similar look to all these pieces. I wanted to approach leather in a more sharp and clean cut way.

Erebus: Your work is a unique take on leather as a fashion accessory. Where do you find your inspiration for your different collections?

Theano: I draw inspiration mostly from art in every form. From architecture to fashion, from music to dance, from design to photography. Also, I get inspired by personalities like Tilda Swinton, Yohji Yamamoto, Yukio Ninagawa, Teodor Currentzis. While I’m designing, I project my creations to fit them, their clothes, their plays, their performances.

Erebus: How do you think your background in interior and graphic design influences yourself in Aumorfia? 

Theano: My studies and work in interior and graphic design mould my perspective on design. I’ve learned to think in a very geometrical way and give priority to functionality. It’s like a lens through which I see every line, every figure, every form, every single detail and at the same time is the filter through which I process all these data and infuse them into my designs.

Erebus: What does the term “inspired fashion” mean to you?

Theano: If I had to explain this term through my point of view, I would say that it means fashion that has a specific concept which is unique as a result of the unique personality of its creator. It is fashion that is not trying to be only commercial but to express feelings, thoughts, values and finally offers further inspiration for the next generations.

We have an amazing selection of Aumorfia at the Erebus Pop Up Shop, including the pieces you see below. Visit us at 278 Hackney Road in East London until Friday November 18th.

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