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Behind The Seams: CLON8

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Angelika Chilikova CLON8 creative director Behind The Seams - Erebus

If you're planning on coming to our Erebus X CLON8 party, you'll have the chance to meet Angelika Chilikova, the designer and creative director of all black, inspired emerging fashion label CLON8. In the case you can't make it, I asked her some questions to give you some insight into her inspiration and her creative process.

Erebus: Your collections take inspiration from so many different places, from art to philosophy and beyond. Can you tell us how you take these ideas through to a full collection?

Angelika: It is pretty much what is surrounding me in my everyday life.

My Personal approach and a way of expressing myself creatively is influenced by my life experiences.

There are engagements, observations and adjustments I have to go through to understand my position and culture. There are images, people, sounds and tastes that I absorb within a short period of time that give me insight into my process.

Erebus: What do you think it takes to stand out in this very saturated fashion industry?

Angelika: Passion and belief in what you do. Willingness to work hard, understanding of why you started your business and where you wish to drive it. Indeed the fashion industry is very saturated but there is a place for everyone to get their space in the success board. We are all very individual and unique, each designer or brand creates collections that tell their own stories that will be heard by the corresponding audience.

Erebus: You’ve lived and traveled through some quite diverse places. How do you feel this has influenced Clon8?

Angelika I believe that there is a direct connection as Clon8 is a reflection of myself. My personality and creative expression is an extension of my upbringing and background. I believe that these links are inseparable and translate into my work. 

Erebus: What does the term “inspired fashion” mean to you?

Angelika: Inspirational fashion for me is an inhale of dreams and exhale of reality. 

Angelika's portrait was taken by photographer Pavel Matej.

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