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Behind The Seams: Curtis Li Studio

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Behind The Seams: Curtis Li Studio Erebus Pop Up Shop


One of my favourite parts of this job is getting the opportunity to meet these amazing designers. It was such a pleasure to meet Curtis Li while visiting Ozone Showroom in Paris back in June. I was already a fan of his debut collection, UN-TITLED-ISM, and was jumping out of my skin with anticipation to see what he came up with next. Now, go Behind The Seams and hear a bit more about his vision and his brand, Curtis Li Studio.

Erebus: You describe your work at “high-end sporty,” can you tell me more about what that means to you?

Curtis: Visually it is a mixture between avant-garde, futuristic, and wearable. But to me it is more of an attitude to lifestyle, my type of vision to the future.

Erebus: You place a lot of attention on functional details hidden subtly throughout your pieces. How do you incorporate this concept within your avant-garde designs?

Curtis: For me functional details are avant-garde on their own, they exist in a way that make life convenient when design itself is about changing and improving lives and humanity. That’s my main focus and direction.

Erebus: Menswear is getting a lot more attention and innovation at the moment in the fashion world. What do you think is the future of menswear?

Curtis: I think Menswear will become much more ready-to-wear in silhouette wise, even more minimal but at the same time having complex details or structures so the value will only be found once the garment is being worn.

Erebus: What does the term “inspired fashion” mean to you?

Curtis: Fast fashion has had a huge negative impact not only to the industry but to the planet we are living on. My idea of “inspired fashion” means it has a lot of humanity at issue in it. Whether it is environmental pollution, politics, technology. And my point is to put my message out through collections and to gain awareness from my audience to think about what is happening around us. 

Not only can you find pieces from UN-TITLED-ISM in our Erebus Pop Up Shop, you can also get a sneak peek of the Spring Summer 2017 collection, Inherent. Visit us at 278 Hackney Road in London before Friday November 18th.

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