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Peter Non "The Sight" // Ambra Crociani

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Peter Non "The Sight" Amber Crociani - ErebusPeter Non is one of my absolute favourites to visit while touring the showrooms in Paris. Not only are they just so nice but their work is great to look at and the display just works so well together. I've already written about this latest collection, Silly Things for Spring Summer 2017, but now Peter Non have done something interesting. They have launched The Sight, and innovative way to explore their world.

The Sight is a project born with the aim of describing Peter Non and its world from a different sight. The brand is interpreted, dissected, analyzed and -above all- lived by different creative personalities. Each of these personalities shows us their point of view, their story, their vision. This time the project was entrusted to four stylists. In a game of references and suggestions Ambra Crociani, Valerio Coretti, Acrimonia, Andrea Jean Varraud, show us their sight on Peter Non SS17 “Silly Things” collection, inspired by the “Decalogue of the art of doing Silly Things”.

Here is the first of the stylists to do Silly Things.

Ambra Crociani

Ambra Crociani is a stylist from Florence who currently lives in Milan. She graduated in 2015 with honors at the European Institute of Design in Rome. She grew up between the countryside of Florence and Garden City (NY), then studied in Berlin and in Rome. Ambra loves movies, food, the space and contemporary art.


Starting from the suggestions of the “Decalogue of the art of doing Silly Things”, I chose to imagine a relationship between foot and shoe, as if they were two people. The inspirational mood for shooting collects references characterized by palette of heat and naked, feminine aesthetic, poses that recall the “dialogue” between the foot and shoe, a true love story.

Peter Non "The Sight" Amber Crociani - ErebusPeter Non "The Sight" Amber Crociani - Erebus

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