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Leon Louis

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Leon Louis spinal cord leather jacket

Leon Louis is an emerging menswear brand hailing from Aurhus, Denmark. He believes that the garments he creates should work in unison with the human form and accentuate the skin and the spirit of the wearer. A signature of the designs is the use of cloaked silhouettes, textured luxury fabrics and an impeccable attention to the details. Leon is also a subscriber to the slow fashion movement, designing garments that are meant to last as a challenge to the fast-fashion consumerism that is the mainstream in our society today. The idea of travel, both through time and space, is the lens through which Leon Louis ‘ garments are meant to be seen and experienced.

In addition to his menswear collection, Leon Louis also has a line of jewelry that perfectly complements his apparel designs. The jewelry is simple silver, mainly rings, with a bit of a macabre appeal that mirrors the textures of some of the leather pieces in the collection. Leon Louis also has a diffusion line, LL72, which consists of the more casual, classic pieces. Both LL72 and the main Leon Louis collection use a monochrome black and white color palette. While Leon Louis is only available at a handful of stores dotted around the globe for the time being, we await the moment when his designs can travel farther and be experienced by a greater swathe of fashion innovators.

Leon LouisLeon LouisLeon LouisLeon LouisLeon LouisLeon Louis

You can find more about them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

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