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Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16

Avant-Garde Emerging Designers Fashion Fashion Week

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS

As the showrooms in Paris are opening their doors this week to showcase the Autumn Winter collections for 2016, we want to bring you some of our favourite emerging brands that'll be setting up throughout Paris to show you their latest.

Army of Me

We first talked about the emerging Swedish menswear label Army of Me back in May. They have been around since 2008 yet always surprise us with what they can do with the colour black. For their previous Autumn Winter collection, they dropped in some very bright orange into the collection, we can't wait to see what this year's Fall collection has in store. They'll be showcasing at Void Showroom.

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS Army of Me


We haven't yet talked about Gall, the emerging Italian menswear and womenswear brand that has been around for just a few short years. Gall is a casual brand who uses original prints, layered fabrics and textures to create something truly unique. They have built up quite an impressive following in just a short time. We can't wait to see what they bring out at Void Showroom.

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS Gall Clothing

A.F Artefact

A.F Artefact will also be showing at Void Showroom this week. This androgynous brand lets each wearer tell their own individual style through their long and lean silhouette, the basis of their aesthetic.  Along with their mostly black look, A.F Artefact love to use leather in their pieces to strengthen and lengthen the lines of the pieces. 

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS A F Artefact


Last one from Void is Preach. Preach is a progressive and unconventional menswear and womenswear label who focuses on the craftsmanship and carefully selected materials. Asymmetric cuts and flowing fabrics contrast with  natural colours and structures. 

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS Preach


We very recently interviewed artisanal footwear label Nihomano. They use ancient techniques and extremely high quality materials to create unique, long lasting footwear. As they do not follow seasonal trends nor do they give names to their collections, we don't know what they'll be calling what they are showing at Ozone Showroom but you'd be sure to be impressed.

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS Nihomano

Luca Bianchini

On Wednesday, we put up our post on Luca Bianchini and his amazing black leather bags. This is another brand you'll find at Ozone Showroom this coming week. If you are in Paris, you will be able to see these timeless and unique pieces for yourself.

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS Luca Bianchini

Filip Roth

We have not yet posted about another amazing brand, Filip Roth, but we would recommend you check this menswear collection out at Ozone Showroom this week. Filip Roth is an accessible avant-garde menswear and womenswear label from Poland with an interesting take on urban inspired streetwear. 

Menswear: Paris Showrooms AW16 | EREBUS Filip Roth

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