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Peter Non "The Sight" // Acrimonia

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Peter Non "The Sight" // Acrimonia - Erebus

Now I've already had the chance to show you the first couple of stylists in the project, The Sight to see how they live in Silly Things by emerging shoe brand Peter Non, and now we've got the latest, Acrimonia. 

The Sight is a project born with the aim of describing Peter Non and its world from a different sight. The brand is interpreted, dissected, analysed and -above all- lived by different creative personalities. Each of these personalities shows us their point of view, their story, their vision. This time the project was entrusted to four stylists. In a game of references and suggestions Ambra Crociani, Valerio Coretti, Acrimonia, Andrea Jean Varraud, show us their sight on Peter Non SS17 “Silly Things” collection, inspired by the “Decalogue of the art of doing Silly Things”.

Here is the penultimate in this instalment of the stylists to do Silly Things.


Acrimonia is an online lifestyle magazine founded by Fabiola Graziosi, Pacciardi Giulia and Giulietta Riva. Acrimonia is a magazine focused on fashion & beauty, art & design, food & events & travel with a different language, specific art direction. Acrimonia stems from the desire to propose writing in authorial and innovative way to an audience that is ready to understand. An unusual project, the real point of view of its three authors.


What does it mean to play? Play means to have fun, to change point of view, to have a different prospective. Doing the same thing but in a different way. Ordinary should be extraordinary, it depends on the way you tell your story. We tried to do that, always. Also when we are not playing.”

Peter Non "The Sight" // Acrimonia - ErebusPeter Non "The Sight" // Acrimonia - Erebus

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